Best Seaside Towns in Turkey

Best Seaside Towns in Turkey

There are many seaside towns in Turkey, but you want to choose the right one depending on what you need from your holiday. We made a list of the best seaside towns in Turkey specifying what kind of holiday you can expect in each destination.

Whether you’re booking your own accommodation or looking for a package holiday, you can look through our list to make sure you find the right fit for you.

In Turkey, you have 3 coasts to choose from for a wonderful beach holiday; the Mediterranean coast, the Aegean coast or the South Aegean coast.

The Mediterranean coast is hot, full of nature (waterfalls, hiking routes, canyons) as well as historic sites and it’s very popular with both families and young friend groups.
The South Aegean coast is one of the most visited coastal regions in Turkey. This region is well known for its luxurious resorts, nightlife and picturesque towns.
The North Aegean coast is not as touristy, and it’s known for its summer breeze. Even during the summer months, you can expect to spend a comfortable time under the sun.

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Alaçatı, İzmir

Located on the South Aegean Coast, Alaçatı is a relaxed yet popular seaside town full of chic boutique hotels, high-end seafood restaurants, independent shops and cafés and world-class windsurfing clubs. This glamorous Turkish town loves partying as much as lounging next to the sea, but if you are looking for somewhere a bit more family-friendly then consider nearby town Dalyan in Çeşme.

Ayvalık, Balıkesir

Located on the North Aegean Coast, Ayvalık is a laidback port town with the looks of an old Greek village. It’s not so popular amongst international tourists, so the prices are fair and the accommodation is mainly provided by boutique hotels. Nearby, Cunda Island is well known for fresh seafood, ice cream and a local sandwich called “Ayvalık tostu”. Cunda Island is a bit more hip; the stone houses turned boutique hotels, converted Greek Orthodox churches, houses with colourful shutters make it a picturesque destination best for foodies and families seeking a tranquil summer.

cunda island

Cunda Island, Ayvalık

Belek, Antalya

On the Mediterranean coast, Belek is a town known for its beach resorts, thermal spas and golf courses. The hotels in this area are specifically sought after during summer months and golf tournaments. Compared to Antalya, the town itself hasn’t got much to offer, but there are must-see archaeological sites nearby such as the ancient city of Perge and Aspendos. It’s popular for beach holidays because you can stay at the best seaside resorts in Turkey; good for both families, couples and friend groups.

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Bodrum, Muğla

One of the trendiest seaside towns, Bodrum is located on the South Aegean Coast. Known as ancient Halicarnassus, it was famous for the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world). As mesmerising as always, Bodrum is a glamorous seaside town with luxurious resorts, boutique hotels, trendy restaurants and clubs. The whitewashed buildings preserve the Aegean character, and this part of the coast is amongst the most beautiful coasts in Turkish Riviera. It’s on the more expensive side when it comes to finding seaside resorts in Turkey. It’s perfect for couples and families who either want the local experience or the luxurious treatment, or both!


Bozcaada, Çanakkale

One of the up and coming seaside towns on the North Aegean Coast is the chill and colourful island of Bozcaada, which is getting increasingly more popular amongst domestic tourists. This charming small island is perfect for those looking to explore and put in the energy to discover the beautiful nature of the island from coves to beaches and more. Bozcaada also offers delicious local produce such as olive oil, wine and more. It’s perfect for couples and friend groups who would like to do vineyard tours, drive around the island and for those who prefer an alternative to a boutique hotel or B&B, like camping/glamping on the best sandy beaches on the Aegean Coast.

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Dalyan, Muğla

On a prime location on the Mediterranean Coast is another laid-back little seaside town: Dalyan. It’s located right in between Lake Köyceğiz and the Mediterranean Sea, around a river. The lakes, rivers, mountains around Dalyan makes it the perfect relaxing spot for your holiday. You can find many seafood restaurants, bars and cafés that serve Turkish breakfast on the main street, but Dalyan is hardly a party town. It’s a great choice for families who would like to immerse themselves in the Turkish culture and see ancient ruins, go hiking, visit the turtle conservation centre or explore different coves with a boat tour.


Datça, Muğla

On the South Aegean Coast, Datça peninsula is a truly beautiful and romantic harbour town with crystal clear sea. The Aegean wind and pebbled beaches keep tourist crowds at bay, but that’s not to say that Datça isn’t popular. With ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine sites, it has rich historical value as well as a seaside town you can put your worries aside and soak in the sun, feast on delicious seafood and drink by the sea.

Didim, Aydın

In a perfect location on the South Aegean Coast, Didim is a small seaside town that’s popular with both domestic and international tourists. Didim or Didyma back in the day, preserves the ancient city where the Temple of Apollo used to be. You can find great deals on the best seaside resorts of Turkey in Didim, with exclusive access to sanded beaches, great service, spa centres and water sports activities. Didim is a child-friendly yet fun seaside town for all ages.


Fethiye, Muğla

Basically Brits’ second home on the Mediterranean Coast, Fethiye lives up to the hype. Nearby Fethiye is Ölüdeniz Natural Reserve and Beach; most famous for Instagram pictures of paragliding people, but also scuba diving, canoeing, turtle spotting and more. This curved beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and it’s a must-see if you’re headed to Fethiye. This prosperous city is well-known for its nightlife as well as beautiful nature. You can find luxury seaside resorts or a good value stay all the same, with lots of options of accommodation at this part of the coast.

Side, Antalya

Side is a small but popular beach resort town in Turkey located on the Mediterranean Coast. It’s popular amongst tourists for its sandy beaches, attractive all inclusive deals and incredible history. You can find ruins of Temples of Apollo and Athena, Basilica and Agora. Side is good for families as it’s much more tranquil compared to neighbouring towns Alanya and Antalya but its nature is just as beautiful as theirs. When in Side, you should make a boat trip to the many waterfalls in the area.

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