Best Yoga Retreats in Turkey in 2021

Best Yoga Retreats in Turkey in 2021

Yoga retreats in Turkey are humble; they are usually small boutique hotels or cottages located in the most beautiful natural parts of the country. Thus, this helps maintain the true principles of the ancient meditative exercise.

Yoga in Turkey is yet to be mainstream, but the trend is quickly growing and gifted yoga teachers from around the world are teaching in these yoga retreats as well as talented local teachers. The yoga retreats are popular amongst all types of age groups and people but are frequently preferred by female solo travellers.

Yoga retreats are great if you are on a budget and are looking to disconnect with the other world and journey inside yourself. Yoga is known to boost focus, promote good mental wellbeing and help you understand yourself and those around you better.

Best Yoga Retreats in Turkey in 2021

Bonjuk Bay Yoga Retreat in Marmaris

This yoga retreat is located in the greenest beach holiday destinations in Turkey: Marmaris. Bonjuk Bay describes itself as “a creative community of imaginative, conscious and like-minded people coming together to celebrate life and share transformational experiences.”

Bonjuk hosts group events but also welcomes guests that would like to stay over. It’s perfect for a glamping experience in Turkey, but you can also choose to stay at the stone house. Since the bay is a protected breeding site for sandbar sharks, no tourist boats or ships stop at this bay. The sea and nature here are truly untouched.

After yoga sessions, you can enjoy windsurfing, go trekking or diving. You can have as many fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables as you like, some even grown at Bonjuk Bay’s garden.

Marmaris, photo by June Olgac/Unsplash

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Pastoral Vadi Yoga Retreat in Fethiye 

This peaceful retreat is perfect for those who love wellness, detoxing and a natural, ecological way of life. The camp is surrounded by pine trees that you can smell from kilometres away. There are many activities to do besides yoga and meditation including; cooking, gardening, pottery, woodworking, dancing and more.

Pastoral Vadi is near natural reserves Katrancı Bay and Katrancı Bay Nature Park. In Katrancı Bay, you can rent a canoe to visit other nearby bays or rent a car to visit other nature or historical destinations in Fethiye.

Fethiye, photo by Youhana Nassif/Unsplash

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Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreat in Göcek

Like its name, Huzur Vadisi (Peace Valley) is a piece of paradise in Göcek, Fethiye. It’s perfect for those looking for a rustic glamping experience in Turkey. Those who visit Huzur Vadisi end up returning at least once.

This yoga retreat was founded in 1993, making it one of the oldest yoga centres in Turkey. It hosts up to 30 people at a time and is located in a secluded mountain valley that is surrounded by olive and pine trees.

Boat tours, trekking and island tours can be arranged for those who would like to journey through Fethiye when staying at Huzur Vadisi.

Turan Hill Lounge Yoga Retreat in Kabak Bay, Fethiye

This boutique yoga hotel is more on the luxurious side, and most rooms are individual. Located near one of the most popular bays in Fethiye, Turan Hill Lounge looks over a scenic view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and red pine forest.

Community spirit is still alive at Turan Hill Lounge, especially as guests get together for shared meals. The yoga space at Turan Hill Lounge is open and is located in the forest, making the yoga classes even more relaxing.

Food can be tailored to your dietary preferences from gluten-free, vegan to vegetarian. Other activities you can do in the area include; canoeing, hiking, climbing, sailing, and diving. You can also discover the streams and waterfalls or visit the Korsan Village where you can see Caretta-Caretta turtles along the way.

Karakaya Yoga Retreat in Bodrum

Karakaya’s motto is, “retreat, recharge, reconnect” and they offer a holistic recharging experience with wellness workshops, sound meditations, detox programs, and of course, a range of yoga classes.

Located in a slightly more peaceful part of the night club and beach destination Bodrum, Karakaya Retreat is a great place to go with a few friends who are interested in yoga and wellness. You can stay in tiny stone houses looking over beautiful hills and greet every day with yoga.

There are many public bays and beaches nearby to enjoy the sun and the sea as well.

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