Top 10 Beaches near Antalya

Top 10 Beaches near Antalya

When you visit Antalya, it’s a good idea to stay at an all-inclusive hotel where everything is within your reach; the beach, the restaurant, the bar. If you like to discover the best beaches in Antalya, you should think about renting a car. Public transport can be challenging with family but there are transport guides for buses and minibuses online. 

Summer in Antalya begins as early as April, and the best time to go to Antalya is in May. Drinking and clubbing culture isn’t as popular in this Mediterranean city as it is in SpainCyprus or Greece but you will still find a lively nightlife. The best thing to do in Antalya would be to follow the locals and discover its fish restaurants and less crowded beaches. Antalya is home to most of Turkey's best beach holiday destinations.

As your trusted travel agency specialising in holidays in Cyprus and Turkey, we want to share our list of top 10 beaches near Antalya. 

  • Kleopatra Beach 

This sandy beach near Antalya is in the city of Alanya, about 2 hours drive from Antalya city centre. It’s a great choice for those who would like to explore more than one city. You can visit the caves, castles and towers in the city and enjoy the warm waters of Kleopatra Beach. Legend says Marc Anthony presented Alanya to Cleopatra as a gift and she would bathe here every morning. 

  • Evrenseki Public Beach 

Located in Side, this clean sandy beach is an hour away from Antalya city centre. Side is another great destination for finding all-inclusive hotels in Antalya but even if you rent an apartment, there are many great beaches around you can go and Evrenseki is one of them. 

  • Lara Beach 

For those who would like to stay close to the city, Lara Beach is a long sandy beach surrounded by many restaurants and bars. It’s great for big groups, families and young people who want to socialise. There are many activities to do from paragliding to jetskiing. Lara Beach gets quite crowded in high season and it is one of the 202 blue flag beaches in Antalya. 

  • Phalesis Beach 

Phalesis Beach is just outside Kemer, on the way to Tekirova. This is a great beach to stop by if you are staying near Kemer. On top of the beautiful beaches, you would be able to see lots of historic ruins of the amphitheatre, old town and Zeus’ Temple. 

  • Kabak Bay, Ölüdeniz 

Near Fethiye, Kabak Bay is popular amongst locals, Kabak Bay is much more secluded and difficult to get to. It’s worth the trip though, because Kabak Bay is still an untouched beauty. You can even spend a night here and explore nature and the Kabak village. 

  • Olympos to Çıralı 

Olympos hosts the tree-hugger, young and somewhat hippie travellers and locals. Just outside Kemer, it’s not as lively as the city but it’s a great place to be with friends or family. The scenery is incredible and hiking, yoga and climbing lovers would enjoy everything here. You can stay at tree houses, camp or choose an all-inclusive hotel. The water is clean and colder here, and the beach is surrounded by trees. 

  • Kaputaş Beach, Kaş 

Kaş is home to the best beaches in Turkish Riviera and Kaputaş is the winning beach. Even during the high season, it’s not that crowded due to the challenging steep descent to the coast. If you like swimming more than sunbathing, this beach is for you. Locals provide the food so you can expect to eat very nice Turkish savoury pancakes but we recommend bringing your own water and fruit. 

  • Patara Beach, Kaş 

This magical beach is another one of Kaş’s favourites. The sand beach stretches for almost 12 miles and it is also a National Park, which is why it’s protected from building works. Watching the sunset on the beach is a must-do activity, but you must leave after sunset to return the loggerhead sea turtles their home back. 

  • Büyük Çakıl Beach, Kaş (Big Pebble Beach) 

Kaş truly has most of the best beaches and bays, and Büyük Çakıl Beach is right across the Greek island Kastellorizo. The water is colder, less salty and the beach is not sandy hence the name big pebble beach. 

  • Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan 

Only an hour away from the Blue Lagoon in Turkey (Ölüdeniz, Fethiye); another city to discover would be Dalyan where you can visit the ancient Greek city Caunos and the Caunos Tombs of the Kings, and even treat yourself to a mud bath. 

If you are planning your trip to the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, make sure to give us a call. As Right Holidays, we work with the best holiday resorts in Antalya, and we are experts in all-inclusive package holiday deals in Turkey.

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