Best Places to Go in September in Turkey

Best Places to Go in September in Turkey

If you are wondering where to go on holiday in September in Turkey for a beach holiday, you are in the right place. The weather in Turkey in September is still fairly hot and the resorts are much less crowded, which makes it the perfect time. Beach holidays in Turkey are reasonably priced and most resorts offer a holistic experience for families, wellness enthusiasts or couples looking for a getaway. 

You might be making new holiday plans or delaying existing ones, and in any case, we recommend booking your flights with us to avoid external situations from ruining your holiday. Our all-inclusive package holidays are ATOL protected, and we guarantee support throughout your stay. 

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We listed the best beach holiday destinations in Turkey that you can enjoy in September below. 


The most popular destination on the Aegean coast, Kuşadası is crowded throughout the summer. August is the most popular month, so we recommend going in September when both international and domestic holidaymakers start returning to their homes. 

Kuşadası is close to the Ancient City of Ephesus, which makes it the perfect destination for people who like combining their beach holidays with some culture and history. There are lots of long beaches and 5-star hotels in Kuşadası, but it’s possible to find great quality affordable hotels as well. When in Kuşadası, make sure to join a boat tour and see as many bays as possible. 

The nearest airport to Kuşadası is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, and it takes about an hour with a taxi to arrive in Kuşadası


Located in the Southwest, Datça peninsula is a peaceful summer holiday destination painted in all shades of blue. There are many different bays (around 52), ancient cities, sites in Datça to explore and delicious local food to enjoy. 

One of the must-visit bays in Datça is Palamutbükü Bay. Legend says the Greek beauty queen Aphrodite was born in Palamutbükü Bay in Datça, Turkey. Maybe this is why the bay is so beautiful. Hailed as the cleanest bay in the Aegean and Mediterranean, Palamutbükü is surrounded by almond, pinewood and olive trees. 


Instead of resorts, Datça has many 3-star hotels, holiday apartments and cute apart-hotels. If you would like to stay in a livelier town, you can stay in Marmaris near Datça. 

The nearest airport to Datça is Milas Bodrum Airport but this trip includes taking the ferry. You can also choose to land at Dalaman Airport, and take a bus to Datça which only takes a little over 2 hours. 


Side is the Star of The Mediterranean Coast. This part of Turkey can be extremely hot during summer months, but from September onwards the temperatures start to drop. That’s why you can have one of the best beach holidays in Side during September. 

Located in the east of Antalya, Side is popular due to its beautiful historical sites such as Temple of Athena, fun clubs and bars, and long soft sanded beaches. There are many hotels in the area, and prices vary. Side is also great for family holidays, as most of the hotels have special areas, pools and activities for kids. If you are thinking of travelling as a family, make sure to stay at an all-inclusive hotel. 

The nearest airport to Side is Antalya Airport, it takes under an hour to drive from the airport. 


If you're looking for a low-key and calm holiday, Kaş is the place to go. Kaş is also very close to Antalya, it’s a visually stunning place for nature lovers as it pieces mountains and the Mediterranean Sea together. You would enjoy many serene views in Kaş, and you might even discover your own private bays here in September as it’s a much less touristic destination, mainly visited by local tourists. 

Kaş in September is still quite hot, but it gets windy at times - although it is nothing compared to the Aegean winds. Divers also love Kaş for its diverse marine life. There are many boats taking divers to different bays. If you drive, it’s a great idea to rent a car and discover the area for a whole day. 

The nearest airport to Kaş is Dalaman or Antalya Airport.

Patara Beach, Kaş

5 Reasons to Book a Holiday in Turkey in September 

- Ramadan Holiday is in August, therefore most touristic destinations and resorts are full during this month but they get relatively emptied out in September. 

- The weather in Turkey in September is still warm enough in most places, and you would be avoiding very high levels of heat. 

- You would be prolonging your summer holiday until September. 

- You can book your holidays for cheaper prices when you book early. 

- If you wait until the end of September, you would also avoid crowds in historical sites. 

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