Upcoming Travel Trends in 2021

Upcoming Travel Trends in 2021

According to the World Tourism Organization, “International tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) fell by 72% in January-October 2020 over the same period last year, curbed by slow virus containment, low traveller confidence and important restrictions on travel still in place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

However, research and booking data show that travel is slowly making recovery. So, how is travel changing and what will be the rising travel trends in 2021?

A Short Guide to Booking Your Holiday in 2021

More Last-Minute Trips

As holiday plans might fall due to lockdown rules changing last-minute, travellers are choosing to be more flexible with their bookings. Many people feel more comfortable making last-minute reservations and cancellation & refund policies are more important than ever. This makes spontaneous trips a rising travel trend in 2021.

Remote Working and Vacationing

Most people are now used to working from home. This heavy shift to remote work has already shown a rise in people working while they are on vacation. Digital nomads were already a rising trend amongst millennials; who are more likely to be freelancing and part of the gig economy. Now that schools and nurseries are closed, families can also swap their suburban houses to the beachside villas.

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Nature Escapes

Since COVID-19 is less likely to spread outdoors, ‘nature trips’ has become a frequently searched travel term. According to search data, almost 90% of most searches were for rural areas, and cabin rentals in these rural areas were making up 33% of total accommodation searches in 2020.

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Staying Local

In 2020, people living in cities have decided to explore their town better; without having to plan around border closures or flight suspensions. Lockdowns with fewer restrictions made it possible for people to explore different areas of town that they aren’t familiar with, and to go on tours of their own city.

There has also been a rise in people preferring to take holidays closer to home, which has boosted domestic tourism. This will be a continuing travel trend in 2021 for people who prefer to stay safe and stay local.

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Multi-generational Holidays

With COVID-19 posing different levels of danger against different age groups, many families have had to spend time apart. Families will be seeking to spend some quality time all together in 2021 to make up for lost time. Multi-generational trips will be another travel trend in 2021 and group bookings will be on the rise.

Luxury Resorts in Remote Places

The travel industry has been coming up with ways to make travel safer for everybody and hotels have been at the forefront of taking measures. With more room for social distancing and trained staff to keep the hotel pristine, luxury resorts are another rising travel trend in 2021. Travellers looking into booking a beach holiday can especially find peace of mind by booking a luxury resort in a place with good health care services and lower COVID-19 cases.

What are your travel plans for 2021? If you like expert advice on how to book your holiday in 2021, give us a call on 0208 661 1805. As Right Holidays, we work with the top luxury resorts in Turkey that have been certified by the Ministry of Health.

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