A Short Guide to Booking Your Holiday in 2021

A Short Guide to Booking Your Holiday in 2021

A year ago the whole world was caught unprepared by the Covid-19 pandemic and travelling hasn’t been the same ever since. But, there is new hope on the horizon for the travel industry as the COVID-19 vaccines roll out. Now, most travel lovers are wondering how to have safe holidays, so we put together a short guide to booking your holiday in 2021.

1. Ask an expert: Travel Agent

Travel agents are already experts at handling unforeseen circumstances when it comes to flight delays, booking refunds, searching for alternative accommodation or travel routes. They have direct contact with hotels and airlines, which makes it easier to make last-minute arrangements and save holidaymakers from having to cancel their trip altogether.

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2. Book your holiday early and get travel insurance

The plummeting holiday bookings have made prices cheaper than ever. It’s a good time to make your travel plans already and invest more in your insurance; especially for cancellations and medical concerns. We recommend that you put down a deposit for your holiday instead of planning everything last minute.

3. Choose accommodation near a hospital or with a doctor present

Some hotels have health services within their premises, which makes holiday goers feel more secure and looked after. If you’re travelling with kids or if you’re at risk, we recommend that you look into which resorts have these services.

4. Get a COVID-19 test 1 to 3 days before you travel

It’s a requirement now to provide a negative PCR test before you travel. If you want to make sure you can go ahead with your travel plans, make sure to limit your social interactions as much as possible up to 10 days before you travel. You can then take a test up to 3 days before you fly to your destination.

Cappadocia, Turkey

5. Prefer to go local or on a nature trip

Another way to travel is to go local and avoid air travel altogether. Opting for a road or train trip is a safer option as trains are easier for social distancing and a private car will only carry the people you’re travelling with. If you are a solo traveller, it might be the best time to book that nature trip you aspired to go on for a long time since visiting cities can be complicated when Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

Travel is ready to bounce back from its biggest crisis if travellers are ready to put their trust once again in companies who look forward to serving them. Airports, hotels and businesses have already taken many steps into making holidays more secure and COVID-proof. It’s down to travellers to take the required precaution and get back on the road again!


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