Top Slow Travel Destinations in Turkey

Top Slow Travel Destinations in Turkey

In the past couple of years, sustainability has been at the heart of the conversation about progress for a lot of businesses and industries. For tourism, there are a couple of terms when we talk about sustainable tourism. Slow travel is a big one; as it refers to supporting local businesses and communities, avoiding overcrowded and seasonal destinations, and more.

So if you care about making a difference when you are travelling, continue reading our list of the best slow travel destinations in Turkey.

What is ‘slow travel’?

Slow movement is a cultural movement against fast-paced living that is a result of mass production and industrialism. Slow travel is a subcategory of the slow movement and it’s described as a sustainability movement for the tourism sector. If a destination has been declared a “Cittaslow” (‘Slow City’) for example, that means in that city people enjoy slow living from how they grow their food to limiting the urbanisation of their town.

Now, let’s go to Turkey! What are some of the best slow travel destinations in Turkey and why must you choose to visit them?

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Seferihisar, First Cittaslow in Turkey

Seferihisar is the first Cittaslow in Turkey and it’s near the city of İzmir. It’s a colourful small Mediterranean town surrounded by archaeological sites. What more do you need? Seferihisar was chosen as a slow city because the locals support the slow food philosophy, they use clean energy and protect their local heritage. When in Seferihisar, you can enjoy visiting the many local shops, dine at seafood restaurants in Sığacık (the port of Seferihisar), visit the Blue Flag awarded beaches, discover ancient history at the archaeological site of Teos and more!

Patara Beach

Kaş, in between Turkey’s Longest Beach and Home of St. Nicholas

Perhaps the most well-known destination on the list, the beauty of Kaş is no secret. However, it’s still a less touristy destination compared to most places in Antalya. Located on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Kaş is a gorgeous coastal town which was once a Greek village. If you visit Kaş in October or May, the town is even calmer and if you’re a diver then you’ll love it here. Kaş is also in between Turkey’s longest sanded beach Patara, and St Nicholas Church in Demre (or as ancient Lycians called it, Myra).

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Yedigöller (Seven Lakes), Lake District

For those who love nature, camping and hiking, Yedigöller in Bolu is a must-see destination for slow travel in Turkey. Whether you head over to Bolu in autumn, spring or summer, you can immerse yourself in nature and find peace in this beautiful lake district. This national park in the western Black Sea region is mostly visited by local tourists during the weekends. So it’s recommended to visit during the week.

Gökçeada, Poseidon’s Island

Gokceada is a large island at the westernmost point of Turkey, and it’s officially a “Cittaslow”. Ancient Greeks called it Imbros and it was referred to as the island of Poseidon in Homer’s epic the Iliad. It lives up to the slow city principles, the town is very well known for the organic agriculture products, scenic nature, tranquil lifestyle and golden sanded beaches. It’s also very close to Gallipoli, making it the perfect destination where you can enjoy a nice summer holiday but also visit historical sites.

Datça, Beautiful Vineyards and Olive Farms

Datça (or Knidos) dips its shore both into the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas. Located in the south-west of Turkey, this ancient ruined harbour town is dating back to the 4th century B.C. In the words of the ancient geographer Strabo, “God sends his most beloved servants to Datça to live a long life”. Datça has the best of both worlds; mountains and beach, hot summer sun and cooling wind. It’s perfect for windsurfers as well as divers, and it sits on precious archaeological grounds so you can enjoy visiting the Ancient City of Knidos before you embark on a wine and olive oil tour.

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