Best Beaches Within 2-Hours Of London

Best Beaches Within 2-Hours Of London

When the heat gets to you in London, everyone misses being on a beach or swimming in the sea to cool down. We listed the best beaches within 2 hours of London for a quick getaway from the city.

So, even if you can’t swim in cold water, you can get out of London for the day to at least walk on the sand and soak your feet in the cold ocean.

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Whitstable, Canterbury

Distance: 1.5-hour train from London Victoria or London St. Pancras

Whitstable is the hip fishing town on the Southeast coast. It’s popular for its delicious fresh oysters, weatherboard houses and the pebble beach. You can enjoy watching the waves, sunbathing, and simply watch the sunset in the evening. It’s worth taking a day off on a nice sunny day to visit this charming town. Treat yourself to a day in the sun and some fresh seafood in Whitstable.

Camber Sands, Sussex

Distance: 1-hour train from London Blackfriars to Rye

Located near the quietly beautiful town of Rye, this beach is long and sandy. Spend some time at the charming old town of Rye, then exchange walking on the cobbled streets to walking on the sand at Camber Sands. Stretching to nearly five miles, the best spot to have a drink and watch the sunset is the far Western side where the River Rother empties into the sea.


Bournemouth, Dorset

Distance: Approx. 2 hours from London Waterloo to Bournemouth

Perhaps the most well-known beach destination on the south coast for its 11-mile strip of sand, Bournemouth is a lively student town with the perfect beach. Do your research before heading from London so you get to experience everything Bournemouth has to offer from shops to restaurants to secret hideaways.

Ramsgate, Kent

Distance: 1 hour and 15 minutes from St Pancras or Victoria to Ramsgate

This small coastal town is opposite popular rival Margate. Ramsgate is the only Royal Harbour in Britain and a small but busy port town. Ramsgate Main Sands is a Blue Flag beach with clean waters and golden sands surrounded by white chalk cliffs. On the other side, Viking Bay is a smaller bustling beach. It’s worth going to Ramsgate on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Margate, Kent

Distance: 1 hour and a half from St Pancras or Victoria to Margate

Popular for the Dreamland amusement park, the Turner Contemporary art gallery, and its sand beaches, Margate is worth a visit on the weekend. Along the coastline, there are cafes, specialty food shops, independent art galleries, boutiques, and antiques shops in the Old Town but if shopping is not your thing, just head to the beach, head to Joss Bay to surf or go to the Botany Bay Viewpoint and Cliffs for nice views and photo opportunities.


Hastings, Sussex

Distance: 1 hour and a half from St Pancras, London Bridge, or Victoria to Hastings

Hastings is a cool seaside town with artisan shops and farmer’s markets, and a summer film festival. You can head to the coast to rent a kayak on a day that’s not too windy, have some fish and chips on the beach, and take the funicular railway for a spectacular view. This town is full of character and has an active community spirit.


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