Top 10 Things to Do Outdoors in Summer in London

Top 10 Things to Do Outdoors in Summer in London

As summer finally peaks its head, the weather in London invites everyone outside for sunbathing, swimming, day drinking, and picnics. We listed the top 10 things to do outdoors in summer in London for you if you already haven’t started making plans.

Until international travel opens up, gather your friends and profit from the many activities available to Londoners!

Sunbath at Highgate Ponds

We can all agree there is nothing better than swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and relaxing on a sandy beach. Though going to Highgate Ponds on a nice sunny day is the closest you can get to that experience in London. Grab your towel, put on your swimsuit and take your friends with you (or a book!).

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Pub Crawl at Soho

London is known for its dynamic lifestyle, music scene, and its many pubs and clubs. If you are looking for an outdoors night out experience in London, do your own impromptu pub crawl in Soho. From Dog and Duck to The Coach and Horses, the traditional pubs in this area are full of history and good beer and ale.

If you want something more classy, go to Café Bohème instead.

Drink and Dance at a Rooftop Bar

If you want to throw some shades and channel your inner dancer, many rooftop bars in London have live DJ sessions and good booze. From the casual Bussey Rooftop to the new London Bridge Rooftop looking over London’s skyline, reconnect with the city of London once more. Summer in London is not so bad after all!

Go to Hampstead Heath, Green Park or Victoria Park for a Picnic

Call up your foodie mates and plan a themed picnic with lots of delicious homemade food. You can meet at any of the lovely huge parks London has to offer and BYOB it and play your own music. This is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Try Wild Swimming Just Outside London (River Wey, Surrey)

Wild swimming is perfect for those who can’t take the hot weather. You can go to Surrey on an off-day to cool off and relax by the river, and even go for a swim.

Go to Kew Gardens

The beautiful Kew Gardens is bursting with colour in summer, so it’s sure to lift up your mood. Spend the day taking photos of flowers and making friends with bees. Make sure to get there early so you can explore Richmond afterward and maybe even have a Sunday roast at a riverside pub.

Go on a Late-night Bike Stroll Along the Thames

What’s better than having London all to yourself at night? Head to Waterloo with a friend late at night to rent some bikes and ride along the river. You can start at Waterloo and finish at Hackney by following the canals.

Barbecue with Friends at Highbury Fields

Highbury Fields is one of the few BBQ-friendly parks in London and it’s always full of people on the weekends. So rise and shine on a Sunday and get there by midday the latest. You have all the shops you need and public toilets available in Highbury Fields.

Photo: Tristan Surtel

Go to Maltby Street Market and Catch an Open Air Play at the Shakespeare’s Globe After

Have you been to Borough Market enough times to know it’s almost always crowded? Then head to Maltby Street Market instead for some delicious street food. Make sure to take some friends with you so you can try as many dishes as possible. Remember to book your tickets in advance to see a Shakespeare classic reimagined for the 21st century.

Catch a Film at an Open Air Cinema

If plays are not your thing, you can always watch a classic like Moulin Rouge! or The Shining at the many public gardens in London. Luna Cinema even hosts drive-in cinema in the classic American style. Fear not if you don’t have a car, you can book tickets for an open-air theatre experience as well.


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