Turkey Will Accept Visitors from the UK Without a PCR Test

Turkey Will Accept Visitors from the UK Without a PCR Test

Authorities in Turkey have announced last week that from the 15th of May, Turkey will be accepting tourists from certain countries, including the UK, without a PCR test.

As well as the United Kingdom, Turkey won't require those traveling from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Estonia to take a PCR test upon arrival.

Just Thursday last week, Turkey had announced that direct flights from the UK would resume operations amid the dramatic decline of Covid-19 cases in the UK, as well as the rapid progress in vaccinations.

In Turkey also, more than 20 million doses have been administered as of 22 April 2021. The country is planning to start a priority vaccination program for employees at hotels and other tourist facilities across Turkey for the forthcoming tourism season. Turkey is investing in the 'Safe Tourism Certification Program' that was established last summer, which makes certification compulsory for accommodation facilities with 30 or more rooms. So far, more than 8,000 hotels have been certified.

All hotels that are certified under the 'Safe Tourism Certification Program' provide testing facilities for tourists so they can obtain test results, if needed, before departing Turkey for the UK or elsewhere. PCR tests cost approximately €30 (about. £26) and can also be carried out at Turkey's international airports.

For the time being, Turkey only requires a negative PCR test result for those wanting to enter the country. There is a 18-day lockdown which only allows Turkish residents to get out of their homes for essentials. Turkey is taking measures to reduce Covid-19 cases so tourists can visit the country safely in summer.

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