Safest Destinations to Visit in Summer 2021

Safest Destinations to Visit in Summer 2021

International travel has been pushed until at least the 17th of May and UK travellers are anticipating new announcements about their summer holidays from the Minister’s office on the 5th of April. We are optimistic about the ease of travel restrictions in summer, so we made a list of the safest destinations to visit in summer 2021.

Will You Need a 'Vaccine Passport' to Travel?

Read on if you can’t wait to make holiday plans and are wondering where to go in summer 2021. None of the destinations listed is currently on the UK's red list.

Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is one of Turkey’s best summer destinations abundant in natural wonders. Whether you want a beach holiday, a cultural adventure or adrenaline rush filled activities, you can find it there.

If you are travelling with family, we recommend staying at an all-inclusive hotel. You can detox the stress of the past year in an all-inclusive hotel in Marmaris by benefiting from the many luxuries available to you, from spa massages and saunas to Blue Flag beaches and golf courses.

How is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Turkey is very affordable for UK travellers, and they announced that they want to welcome back visitors from the UK. Turkey has recently taken tighter coronavirus measures, including a weekend curfew. However, last year tourists were exempt from these rules.

All travellers to Turkey aged 6 years and above will be required to show a negative PCR test result before they can enter the country. If you are planning to go to Turkey, you may be subjected to random testing on arrival.
Currently, there is a curfew in Turkey between 10 am and 8 pm every day; shopping centres, markets and hairdressers are open between these hours and restaurants only provide takeaway services. Everyone is required to wear a mask in public spaces.

Famagusta, Cyprus

Famagusta and the Karpas peninsula is a world-class holiday destination for summer, from May to November. Its untouched beaches and tranquil towns are perfect for a getaway from the chaos. When you’re bored of lying on the beach under the sunshine (if there is such a possibility), you can spend some time exploring the architectural sites.

How is it safe to travel to Cyprus?

Cyprus announced they will be allowing tourists from the UK who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 into the country without restrictions from May 1. Those who are not vaccinated will most likely be able to enter without quarantine if they provide a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of travel.

Cyprus has a colour-coded system that allows travellers from certain countries. International travellers from the green and orange-listed countries are usually allowed to enter the country. Cyprus currently has a curfew in place between 5 am and 9 pm and face masks are mandatory in all public spaces.

Madeira Island, Portugal

The beauty of nature, wildlife and the incredible sub-tropical climate in Madeira must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. The tranquil island has been named the best in Europe for good reason. Black sanded beaches, the refreshing waters of the Atlantic ocean and the incredible rock and mountain formations of Madeira make it relaxing for those who want to relax, and activities for those who want to chase views on mountaintops.

How is it safe to travel to Portugal?

Portugal has recently been removed from the UK’s red list and the Portuguese Tourism Minister announced they want to welcome holidaymakers from the UK in mid-May. Madeira Island is already welcoming travellers who have been vaccinated.

Portugal will be welcoming tourists from May 17 onwards if they have been vaccinated, can prove they are immune or have had a negative PCR test (received max 72 hours from travelling). According to rules in Portugal, face masks are mandatory in public spaces and social distancing and extra hygiene measures are in place.

Lefkada, Greece

Every time someone mentions Greece, perhaps you’ve heard the islands Santorini, Crete, Mykonos get a mention. But with crowds from Northern countries ready to fill the Ionian Sea, why not choose somewhere with unspoilt beaches and a traditional Greek village? A little to the north of Kefalonia, you can drive to Lefkada.

How is it safe to travel to Greece?

The EU is working on introducing a Digital Green Certificate which will allow people to travel within the EU easily. Similar to the ‘vaccine passport’ idea, it aims to provide evidence that a traveller has been vaccinated, is immune to Covid-19, or has tested negative.

Greece has said that only those with negative PCR test results will be able to enter the country. They are also carrying out rapid COVID-19 testing upon arrival at Greek airports. Currently, Greece is in strict lockdown and they require all those arriving to quarantine for 7 days even if they have a negative result.

We recommend that you pick your possible destinations now and keep an eye on their coronavirus cases and lockdown rules for at least a month before booking your holiday. The more you know about the destination you are visiting, the better chance you have in avoiding holiday cancellations.


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