Top Weekend Trips for Foodies from London

Top Weekend Trips for Foodies from London

London is the international centre of all kinds of top restaurants and food from different cuisines. But, when you don’t want to queue for hours or wait for weeks for a reservation, where can you go? Read our suggestions for the top weekend trips for foodies from London.

Ever heard people joking about British food being ‘bland’, or ‘unoriginal’? We’re here to convince you otherwise, and share some spots near London where passion for food is tangible and tasty!

Photo by Ben Stern on Unsplash

Oysters in Mersea Island

They say the first man to try an oyster was a brave one. Perhaps because the slimy look and feel are not for everybody, but those who find oysters delicious will appreciate Mersea Island. This small island is just an hour drive from Essex and is home to Colchester native oysters and rock oysters. The largest family business in the town is owned by the Haward family, who have been cultivating oysters since 1732.

If you prefer to stay in London then you can taste their delicious oysters at Borough Market. If you do head to Mersea Island, make sure to have oysters at The Company Shed and take a boat trip.

Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

Yorkshire Ale in York

Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful Northern counties in the UK and is famous around the world for its beer (specifically, ale). So spending a weekend following the ale trail in Yorkshire is the perfect foodie getaway from London. You can follow the Yorkshire Delicious Ale Trail and try to tick off as many pubs as you can off the list or visit a brewery to see the fermentation magic in person. Yorkshire has a bustling food scene, so make sure to make a booking at one of its award-winning restaurants for dinner after a day full of drinking.


Cheese and Cider in Somerset

Somerset is very well known for its delicious cheese, from classic English cheddar to French-style Brie. If you head to the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company (taking its name from Cheddar Gorge which gave the cheese its name too), you can enjoy watching cheese being made for only £2 and taste it after for free! If you bring your bicycle, you can follow the Cider Cycle Trail (which is a 13-mile circular route) and visit the Somerset Distillery and Burrow Hill Cider Farm where you can sample cider, apple juice and cider brandy.

Michelin Starred Dinner in Bray, Berkshire

The posh 16th-century village of Bray is unsurprisingly a hot foodie spot, as out of the three triple Michelin star restaurants in the UK, two are in this small town: the Fat Duck and the Waterside Inn. For an unforgettable foodie experience, you can use your saved up and never used holiday savings for an unparalleled dinner or a multi-course tasting menu at the Fat Duck or the Waterside Inn. You can forget how much you paid for the meal by taking a lovely stroll next to the river.


Sunday Roast in Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon is full of beautiful 16th-century houses and cottages, an atmosphere that will make you feel like the main character of a novel. On a Sunday morning, head to Paddington station to take the train and you’ll be in Stratford-upon-Avon in two and a half hours. When you’re there, make sure to have a Sunday Roast at The Woodsman; pick from their wood-fired bantam chicken with lemon, garlic and glazed carrots, or dry-aged Hereford beef picanha.

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