Top Destinations in Cyprus for a Late Summer Trip

Top Destinations in Cyprus for a Late Summer Trip

Are you upset that summer is already ending? Don’t be! There are still countries you can visit in September, October and November that have a long summer (sometimes lasting until mid-November). For example, Cyprus! Read on to learn about the top destinations in Cyprus for a late summer holiday. 

Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, located in the south of Turkey. Under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Cyprus became home to Anatolian Turks in 1570. The original residents were Greek and Armenian Christians, who remained governed by their own religious authorities when the Ottoman Empire abolished the feudal system on the island. 

If you are headed to this beautiful and mysterious half Turkish, half Greek island, you have a lot to learn about its politics and history. But politics aside, Cyprus is truly a beautiful place with many incredible nature spots such as mountains, beaches, coves, caves, as well as archaeological and historical sites such as Greco-Roman ruins, churches and castles. 

The Weather in Cyprus in September, October and November 

Cyprus experiences a long summer, and tourists can enjoy the sunshine from late April to mid-November. The best time to visit Cyprus for a late summer holiday is at the end of September or the first few weeks of October. 

In Cyprus, the average maximum temperature in September goes up to 31°C on the eastern-south coast and 29°C on the eastern-south coast. In October, the temperature still remains around 26-28°C. Although November is the third rainiest month in Cyprus, the temperature still gets up to 24-25°C around the coasts. 

Konnos Beach, Ayia Napa

Travelling to Cyprus during COVID-19 Pandemic 

Cyprus allows travel from selected countries in two different categories. Currently, The UK is amongst the Category B countries, which means that travellers can travel to Cyprus but they are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test that was obtained within 72 hours before travel. Travellers from the UK also need to self-isolate for 7 days upon arrival to Cyprus. However, the rules update every week. 

If you are travelling to Cyprus, you will need to complete a Cyprus Flight Pass before you travel to share your test results. Legal residents of Cyprus and Cypriot ID holders may be tested on arrival in Cyprus. 

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Cyprus 

- Famagusta 

- Larnaca 

- Kyrenia 

- Paphos 

- Ayia Napa 

Things to do in Famagusta 

Famagusta is located at the eastern-south coast of Cyprus, partly in northern and partly in the southern part. With an interesting infrastructure mixing ancient ruins, churches and castles with military zones, Famagusta offers great opportunities for photography enthusiasts as well as those looking for new discoveries. 

- Visit the Church of St. George of the Greeks (a beautiful ancient Orthodox Greek church surrounded by the walls of the city), Engomi City Ruins and Salamis Ancient City 

- Visit the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (the largest medieval building in Famagusta) 

- Swim in the clear blue waters of Cyprus in the weirdest beach ever, Palm Beach 

- See the Othello Castle (Shakespeare's play Othello is said to have taken its name from this castle) 

- See Namık Kemal Dungeon which was the abode of influential Turkish writer Namık Kemal between 1873 and 1876 when he was exiled to Cyprus by Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz

- Take a sunset walk on the Glapsides beach 

Things to do in Larnaca 

Larnaca is a port city on the south coast. It's known for its buzzing nightlife on the coast next to Mackenzie Beach. 

- Visit The Church of Saint Lazarus (a late-9th century Greek Orthodox Church) 

- Visit the Hala Sultan Tekke (a complex that is composed of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret, cemetery, and living quarters for men and women) 

- See the Larnaca Salt Lake 

- Go for a deep dive in the sea to see the Zenobia Wreck, a Swedish PO-PO  

Visit the Kastela Beach (a blue-flag beach) and Finikoudes Beach

Zenobia Wreck

Things to do in Kyrenia (Girne) 

Kyrenia is a harbour town in Northern Cyprus, containing lots of historic and cultural attractions, is best for those who would like to discover a less touristy, more local big city in Northern Cyprus. 

- See the Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque 

- Visit the Kyrenia Castle and Shipwreck Museum 

- Go to the Bellapais Village and Abbey just outside Kyrenia (it’s a very original Gothic 13th Century Abbey, and a romantic site to see) 

- Watch the turtles at Alagadi Turtle Beach 

Things to do in Paphos 

Paphos is the home of UNESCO listed archaeological sites with Roman mosaics, theatres and burial chambers as well as incredible natural beaches. Even the God of Wine Dionysos had a house here. 

- Visit the Tombs of the Kings and the Paphos Castle 

- Go to Coral Bay and Aphrodite's Rock 

- See the Church of Panagia Theoskepasti (A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980) 

- Visit the House of Dionysus, Agios Neophytos Monastery and the Villa of Thesesus 

- Visit the Ottoman Baths made in Medieval times 

- Take a nature walk and discover Adonis Baths Waterfalls 

Tomb of Kings

Things to do in Ayia Napa 

Ayia Napa is a resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus, and it’s famed by its beautiful natural beaches. If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday even in late summer, Ayia Napa must be your destination. You can enjoy delicious seafood along with Mediterranean cuisine’s best original dishes and drink your favourite summer drinks on a sanded beach. 

- Visit the best sandy beaches in Cyprus: Nissi Beach, Makronissos Beach, Kalamies Beach, Fig Tree Beach and more 

- See the Ayia Napa Monastery 

- Go to Cyclops Cave and the Sea Caves 

- Visit the Cape Greco National Forest Park Go scuba diving in Ayia Napa to swim with beautiful colourful fish and sea turtles 

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