Antalya Region

The biggest city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is Antalya, a perfect summer destination guaranteed to meet anyone’s holiday expectations. Well known for its heat, Antalya experiences summer for 6-7 months, beginning as early as April. Holiday goers can find themselves relaxing endlessly on the golden sandy beaches, discovering ancient historical sites such as; Olympos ruins, Karain Cave, Termessos Ruins and Hadrians Gate. And even the city centre itself would take you to a different time. So if you are wondering where to go in Antalya, you should keep in mind that there are many sites worthy of visiting that you might not finish in less than a week.

Although you can find cheap flights to Antalya before summer season starts, planning out an all inclusive holiday in Antalya would be more beneficial as you would be sorting out the accommodation earlier on. Best hotels in Antalya always have their private beach, lots of activities, restaurants, bar and in some cases wellness and spa centres.

Renting a car in Antalya is also a good idea if you have a family and want to explore the city in greater detail. Antalya is quite a big city with loads of history and local areas around. So it’s always interesting to blend in with the locals and discover the food, culture and history.

Perge, Aspendos and Manavgat Waterfalls Day Tour from Antalya

Perge, Aspendos and Managat waterfalls are a must see part of Antalya. Perge’s historical sites and the natural beauty of the waterfalls can mesmerise anyone. You can also visit Aspendos and see one of Anatolias most well protected Roman theatres.

Best Hotels in Antalya Region

Choosing an all inclusive holiday in Antalya would ultimately help you get the best summer vacation experience. If you book an all inclusive holiday before the beginning of the season, you would get cheap flights to Antalya included in the holiday package. The best hotels in Antalya are experts in providing incredible services from entertainment, food to accommodation. Some hotels also have their golf fields and are especially chosen for this purpose.

1.         Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek  

2.         Club Magic Life Jacaranda 

3.         Rixos Premium Belek 

4.         Royal Wings Hotel 

Restaurants in Antalya

Go to Can Can for a quick lunch with the locals. 

Go to Maydonoz Köfte for a delicious full meal. 

Go to Lara Balık Evi for high quality seafood and mezzes 

Go to 7 Mehmet for a meal with a view 


Night Life in Antalya

Jolly Joker Pub for live music 

Roadhouse Kaleiçi for good tunes and company 

Club Inferno for a crazy techno dance night 

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