Dalaman Region

The easiest way to get to the most beautiful coast line in Turkey is to fly to Dalaman. Dalaman is in between Marmaris and Fethiye, which are both tourist magnets for their beautiful beaches and nature, but the Dalaman region offers a fairly more peaceful stay to visitors. When in Dalaman, you will definitely enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather, food, and the historical remains in the city and the surrounding cities. You can rent a car or book tours to visit Dalyan, Fethiye, Göcek, Kaş, and Kalkan which is closer to Antalya. 

The holiday season begins in May and lasts until September and you can find cheap flights to Dalaman Airport few months before you travel. However, booking an all inclusive holiday in Dalaman offers you the possibility to plan and get more out of your stay. As an expert of the area, we as Right Holidays can help you organise your travels in the best way possible so you would know places to visit in Dalaman before you even go there. 

We strongly recommend going to Patara, an Ancient Greek city near Gelemiş. The ancient remains of the city are beautiful to see. If you want to discover more historical sites, you can go to Tlos and Yaka Park. If you are up to more adventure; rafting, para sailing, and other water sports are very popular in Dalaman. Nature is beautiful in the Dalaman area. You will be able to spend time both in fresh water from the springs and seawater from Mediterranean Sea.

Best beaches near Dalaman are Sarıgerme, Gökgemile and Sarsala. Sarıgerme is one of the longest coast lines in Turkey. You should also visit Cleopatra’s Bath in Fethiye, it’s an incredible place to swim and see. It is believed that Cleopatra visited this bay at least twice, once with her lover Marcus Antonius. Dalaman is near thermal springs that have strong health benefits from skin therapy to treating rheumatism aches. Dalaman market is also a must-see for shopping lovers and souvenir collectors. You can also shop for fresh and organic fruit and veggies in the market, which you cannot find anywhere else. Having grown in the Mediterranean weather, they are delicious and plentiful for reasonable prices. 

Best Hotels in Dalaman Region

Rixos Premium Göcek 

Hillside Beach Club

Kaş Artemis Otel

Restaurants in Dalaman Region

If you are vegetarian, try Oburus Momus in Kaş  

Also in Kaş, you can find a friendly atmosphere and good food in Sempati Turkish Cuisine 

Ikbal Restaurant in Kaş is a classic 

For fish, you should try the small but effective Kuytu Meyhane 

When in Kalkan, have your breakfast, tea and coffee at Ada Patisserie 

Night Life in Dalaman Region

The area has a few bars and clubs locals and tourists alike go out to have fun. We recommend booking an all inclusive holiday and this way you get to enjoy night life at hotel bars and clubs as well. However, if you go to Kaş, you can expect to have a lot of fun in these bars:

The cocktail bar Barcelona 

For a chilled out night with deep conversations Hideaway Cafe and Bar 

For live music, Hi-Jazz 

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