The First Ever Direct Flight to Kahramanmaraş

The First Ever Direct Flight to Kahramanmaraş

We arranged the first ever direct flight from London Stansted Airport to Kahramanmaraş Airport thanks to our team’s dedicated efforts. The charter flight left London on the 3rd of July at 12:30 and arrived at Kahramanmaraş at 17:55. 

We are proud to have succeeded in getting over 170 expats to their hometown. This is the 14th flight we arranged between the UK and Turkey in order to get our customers to their countries during the Covid-19 pandemic. So far, we managed to fly about 2500 passengers to their hometowns with no flight cancellations. 

Our Kahramanmaraş passengers received a warm welcome by members of the parliament, ministers and other government officials at the airport to celebrate the first ever international flight to land in Kahramanmaraş. They were offered Kahramanmaraş’s local delicacy, ice cream. 

Internal Affairs Committee President Celalettin Güvenç said that he was feeling proud, especially having grown up in Kahramanmaraş. One of our passengers, Elif Kalemci said she would normally have to fly to neighbouring cities such as Gaziantep or Adana, and that she was happy to land directly in her hometown. 

It was a historic day for both Kahramanmaraş and us as a travel agency. We are thankful to our customers for trusting us and to our colleagues for working hard to make this a reality.


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