How to Get an e-Visa for Turkey

How to Get an e-Visa for Turkey

Certain countries’ citizens need a visa to enter Turkey. Before 2014, tourists visiting Turkey had to queue at the airport for a ‘sticker visa’. Now you can apply for your tourist visa online; it’s a quick, easy and efficient process that you can complete under 5 minutes. 

You can check the list of countries who are eligible for an e-Visa tourist application. 

Do you need a visa to enter Turkey?

If you are from the UK and have a British passport or a diplomatic passport, you don’t need a visa up to 90 days in any 180-day period. UK passports holders with “British National Overseas", “British Subject” and “British Protected Person” nationality must acquire a visa and they can only get their visa from the Turkish diplomatic or consular missions abroad. You must apply for an e-Visa if you only have a UK residency permit. 

How to apply for a Turkish e-Visa?

First, go to, this is the Turkish government’s official website for visa applications. You can select your preferred language on the top right part of the screen. 

Click on ‘Apply now’ to begin the process. You will then need to select your country and the type of document you will be using. Then complete the security verification and click on ‘Save and Continue’. 

Enter the approximate arrival date you are planning to enter Turkey. The system will tell you how long your e-Visa will be valid for and how much it will cost. Click ‘Save and Continue’ to move onto the next page. 

On the following page, you will enter your personal data including your date of birth, parents’ names, passport expiry date etc. You need to fill out all the information on this page. For some countries, the parents’ name fields are optional. 

On the last page, you will need to verify all the information you provided. 

After you submit your application, you will receive an email which will take you through to the payment page. Make sure you have received the email from ‘’. 

After you make your payment, you will be able to download your e-Visa as a pdf file. Make sure to print this and take it with you on your trip. We recommend downloading your e-Visa on your phone just in case you forget to bring the printed paper. 

How much does the Turkish e-Visa cost? 

Depending on your country, the visa fee might differ. Currently, it’s between 20 to 60 USD for most countries. 

If you need help acquiring your e-Visa, contact us via email at or give us a call on (0208) 661 1805. 

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