Best Nature Holidays in Turkey

Best Nature Holidays in Turkey

Turkey has seen the number of tourists increase each year. Last year, it welcomed 51.9 million visitors from around the world. Tourists love Turkey for a good reason. Nothing brings more joy to the people of Turkey than providing great hospitality and making sure every need of their guest is met. 

So if you are thinking about taking your family somewhere safe, fun and full of adventures, look no further. Although Turkey is incredibly popular as a culture, food, history and summer holiday destination, it also boasts natural reserves, formations, parks and biodiversity hotspots. 

If you want to reconnect with nature and you are looking for a holiday where you can unwind and enjoy the green fields, sounds of birds and waterfalls… You should read our list of the prettiest places in Turkey for a nature holiday. We included the best places you can visit in Turkey with family, friends or as a couple. 

Kackar Mountains National Park and Ayder in Karadeniz

Natural attractions in Turkey are diverse and plenty. Though the greenest region in Turkey is the Black Sea (Karadeniz) region. For a nature lover, Karadeniz is heaven. In Spring, millions of flowers fill up green fields and mountain tops. The friendly locals always offer you a smile and red coloured tea. You can find comfortable 3-star hotels, cute cabins or prefer to set up camp. 

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Karadeniz is home to the 4th tallest mountain in Turkey and a huge national park: Kackar Mountains National Park. Kackar Mountains are great for trekking and hiking and abundant with wildlife and wildflowers. If you are visiting the Kackar Mountains, you shouldn’t forget to visit the beautiful glacial lakes, cold springs and waterfalls. 


Palovit Waterfal
l and Gelin Tülü Waterfall are the two big waterfalls here, and they are definitely worth the visit. If you want to see all the shades of green, another gorgeous nature landscape spot to go is Ayder Yaylası, a plateau in the middle of the mountains. 

We recommend that you visit this beautiful green region with a guide to get the most out of it. Reserve your place in our Karadeniz Tour for April 2021 now! 

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Koprulu Canyon National Park and Kursunlu Waterfall in Antalya

Antalya is the tourist favourite for its golden sanded beaches, five-star resorts and bustling nightlife. However, those seeking a more peaceful holiday should not pass up on it because Antalya also has incredible natural sights you can visit with family. The natural attractions in Antalya include canyons, national parks, waterfalls and more. 

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If you head to the beautiful Koprulu Canyon National Park just north of Antalya, you can spend a whole day walking in the 14km long canyon (or rafting on the river). If you get adventurous and go rafting, you’ll notice the historic Roman bridges that have survived until today. You can also visit the ancient city of Serge, where you can discover ancient Greek temples and theatres. 

Kursunlu Waterfall is only a short drive away from the canyon, but we recommend spending a day at each nature reserve. It is located on a terrain rich in flora, with pine trees surrounding the waterfall. Many small animals inhabit the waterfalls’ spring; like tortoises, crabs and fish. Meanwhile, rabbits, birds and other small animals roam around picking little berries from shrubs. 

Marmaris National Park and Bozburun Peninsula in Marmaris

Marmaris is amongst the popular summer destinations in Turkey. You might already be familiar with the gorgeous views from the Mediterranean coast, and Marmaris’ beaches are definitely amongst them. On top of being on the Bozburun Peninsula, it’s also the greenest area in the Mediterranean thanks to Marmaris National Park. 


Marmaris National Park is a natural reserve home to various animals such as wild goat, wild boar, red falcon, lynx, bear and songbirds. There are also some archaeological sites in the park, including the Physkos Ancient City and some old villages and monasteries. It’s a beautiful green and quiet escape when you miss being around trees and listening to birds. For those who like climbing, there are also opportunities to rock climb here. 

The bays on the Bozburun Peninsula are still untouched compared to other summer destinations in Turkey. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers who want to escape to the sea. Just rent a boat or join a tour, and enjoy the many shades of blue and green. 

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