5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Right Holidays

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Right Holidays

Although for many young people apps and websites such as Skyscanner and Booking.com are the go-to resources when making holiday plans, these trying times when a disease is spreading globally and causing panic show how important travel agents can be. 

The main reason for this is how overwhelmed airlines get when a huge disruption, such as a pandemic, surfaces and completely shuts down international air travel. Airline companies simply do not have the manpower to deal with thousands of calls every day from panicked travellers. 

As Right Holidays, we have listed the 5 reasons why working with an established travel agency is better than booking on your own and why you should choose us to arrange your holidays. 

1. Reliable Support 

Founded in 2005, Right Holidays is an independent travel agency based in North London with two offices; Green Lanes office and Stoke Newington office. We specialise in tailor-made holidays and we are an IATA Accredited Agent (91285445) and a full member of ATOL (10660). 

When you book your holidays with us, you are protected against flight delays, cancellations and your holiday packages are also ATOL protected. You can contact us with any enquiries before or during your holiday and we will make sure to accommodate your wishes. This completely takes the pressure off you, especially in case of emergencies when it’s not possible to reach airlines’ customer service agents. 

Thanks to our years of experience in the travel industry, we can use our network to get in touch with airlines in unexpected circumstances to support our customers. 

What Does ATOL Protected Holidays Mean?

2. 15 Years of Experience 

Our experienced team has formed and maintained close relationships with travel professionals and companies around the world. We serve our customers with the knowledge and confidence we built over the years, which was reinforced by the positive feedback we received. 

For example, in 2019, we signed an agreement with Turkish Airlines to make sure our customers would be guaranteed to have plane tickets for summer flights to Turkey and on top of it, would receive 30kg luggage plus 8kg hand luggage allowance. We are proud to be the “best travel agent for holidays in Turkey and beyond”, in our customers’ words.

Best Airline Companies Flying to Turkey

3. Better Value 

Since 2005, we have been providing our customers with the best value all-inclusive holidays in North Cyprus and Turkey, as well as group tours across Turkey and Europe and great flight deals to Africa, Turkey, Cyprus and more with Turkish Airlines. We are always working hard to make sure our customers receive great offers and enjoy the holiday they dreamed of. 

4. Personalised Holidays 

As Right Holidays, we pride ourselves in providing the holiday that our customers want, and unlike our larger competitors, we can find and reserve any flight available and match it to the accommodation of their choice. We are travel experts who are ready to make suggestions for your holiday and add the services you are looking for into your experience, without you having to lift a finger. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. 

5. Dedicated Agents in 2 London-Based Offices 

We are always happy to meet our customers face to face, and we see them as part of the Right Holidays family. Our local communities are very important to us, and as a local business, we continue to grow every day thanks to them. 

Our office Stoke Newington office is on 175 Stoke Newington Road and our Green Lanes office is on 445 Green Lanes. 

If you have questions about your travel plans or would like to make travel plans with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch on sales@rightholidays.co.uk or call 020 8661 1805.

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