Cheap Flight Deals from London in December

Cheap Flight Deals from London in December

You can find cheap flight deals from London to Europe all year round but when Christmas is approaching, you need to act fast! So we gathered the best destinations with cheap flight deals in December. 

Whether you are travelling solo or with loved ones, you should plan a spontaneous trip to the following destinations in Europe: 

Bergen, Norway 

Bergen is not the cheapest city, but it’s a beautiful place, especially for those who like to spend time outdoors and explore nature. You can witness incredible scenery here; from dramatic fjords, waterfalls to misty mountain peaks. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway and it is also worth exploring as there are great Nordic restaurants serving fresh fish daily and Bergen’s art and music scene are also thriving. You will love seeing the colourful Medieval Hanseatic buildings on Bryggen wharf, and make sure to visit the fish market.

Flights from £35 


Bordeaux, France One of the most exciting cities in Europe, Bordeaux is surely not only famous for its wines but also its architecture, art scene, and renowned restaurants. The Unesco listed city is a culture hub mixing the old and the new with its iconic structures built in the 18th century to modern buildings like Bordeaux Wine Museum and MÉCA cultural centre. Expect to spend all your travel budget on incredible food and burn the calories off by walking by its riverside. 

Flights from £22 

Copenhagen, Denmark

The chic city of Copenhagen is clean, vibrant and beautiful. It’s big enough to keep you busy and curious and small enough to cover a lot of ground in just a few days. You can indulge yourself in street food whilst strolling the streets in awe, and visit its lush gardens and one of the oldest luna parks in the world. Copenhagen looks amazing in the festive season, get ready to take a lot of pictures. 

Flights from £24 

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 

The Grand Duchy's capital, Luxembourg City is a smaller European city but there is still a lot to see here, especially the medieval castles. An incredibly green city, Luxembourg has many surrounding villages and it’s definitely worth it to visit the countryside. It’s also a short drive away from 3 other countries: France, Germany and Belgium! If you are a foodie, you will be happy to know that you can have incredible wine and desserts here. 

Flights from £24 

Perugia, Italy

Perugia is a cosmopolitan city in the Italian region Umbria, and it’s known for beautiful arched stairways, historical piazzas and mesmerising Gothic architecture. Between Florence and Rome, Perugia is sometimes passed up by people rushing to see the famous cities but Perugia is an underrated city with rich Renaissance history. There is also a Jazz Festival at the end of December. 

Flights from £40

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