How to Choose the Right Travel Agency

How to Choose the Right Travel Agency

When it comes to planning a long-awaited holiday, you don’t want to go wrong and end up paying for a holiday you will not enjoy. A travel agency has to be trusted and accredited, where dedicated professionals know exactly what you kind of holiday you want and how much you should be paying for it. 

First, why do you need a travel agent, can’t you book flights and a hotel yourself? In the age of Skyscanner, is it really that difficult to find cheap flights or accommodation? By all means, you can make your own plans. 

However, you might want to reconsider this according to your destinations. Have you been to this place before or is it the first time you will be going? If it’s the latter, you should work with a travel expert who can make some suggestions that will spare you the regret of going somewhere and not discovering its full potential. 

So how will you choose the right travel agency? 

Choose an agency that specialises in an area 

It only makes sense that the better an agency knows about the region they are sending their customers to, the better the chances to book a comprehensive holiday with the best possible deals. 

For example, at Right Holidays we specialise in holidays in Turkey and Cyprus. Since 2005, we have sent numerous customers to the best destinations in Turkey and Cyprus thanks to our vast portfolio of hotels, tours, and great relations with airlines. 

Recently, we’ve made a deal with Turkish Airlines to make sure our customers could benefit from better flight deals to Turkey

Work with local agencies whom you can meet face to face 

Trust is very important when it comes to booking a family holiday, choosing a destination where flights cost more, going on a tour or when you are looking for a package holiday. 

If you know who your local travel agents are and what exactly they specialise in, chances are you are going to build a relationship with them that can save you money and keep you on the loop for great holiday deals. 

Make sure they are accredited 

Checking if the travel agency you want to work with is accredited or not is a must before you proceed to the payment stage. In the UK, you need to make sure that your travel agency is an IATA agent and that they can provide ATOL protection. 

Make sure they are good communicators 

If your travel agent doesn’t make you an offer after you already explained to them what kind of holiday you are looking for, where you would like to go and your budget, they might be a bad communicator or inexperienced. 

Experienced travel agents can make you an offer, and adapt it to your requirements. They will be transparent about pricing and happy to share information about low season options. They will inform you on all aspects such as visa, passport validity and ask relevant questions to understand what your next step should be. 

Good communication is also an important indicator of how helpful they can be if anything goes wrong when you are abroad. 

Price-check their offers online

After you receive an offer with the flight and hotel bookings, you can try to find if there are better deals online. If the price is roughly the same, you can be assured they are offering good value and if the price they are offering is even cheaper, you’ve definitely found a bargain and a good agency you can rely on.


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