Offering endless natural beauties, historical sites, delicious food and drinks, Turkey is amongst the top travel destinations in the world. You can indulge in the sun, the blue sky and the clear sea, or you can go for a hike, explore a historic site, or discover a new recipe. Turkey simply has everything you expect from a holiday.

Summer holidays in Turkey are especially popular because they can be affordable, luxurious and fun, especially when you choose an all inclusive holiday deal. These are provided by 5 star hotels in cities close to the coasts in Turkey like Antalya, Balıkesir, and Muğla. If you are not looking for an all inclusive deal in Turkey, cheap flights to Turkey can be bought before the high season starts. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, or a romantic getaway, or even a fun group holiday, you are bound to spend a great summer holiday in Turkey.

You will also find activities that suit all types of interests, whether it's a physical activity, food, culture or history. You can choose to kitesurf, skydive or go for a hike or you can enjoy the sun all day while your drinks stay cold. 

If you are still wondering where to go in summer, give us a call and let's plan your holiday together. We have special offers including hotel and flight bookings, bespoke holidays and city tours. You will also receive our support throughout your stay.

Best Times to Visit Turkey

Turkey experiences 4 seasons throughout the year and offers incredibly interesting activities. Families and solo travellers alike can find what they need in this country full of options. Whether you are looking for a food tour, a hiking adventure or just a chilled out summer holiday, you can travel to Turkey. Turkey even offers skiing trips throughout winter.

5 Things to do in Turkey

• Try a local dish

• Discover a historical site

• Befriend a street cat (You will definitely see a few)

• Do a boat trip (Turkey is surrounded by 4 different seas!)

• Shop in the local markets

Top 4 Summer Destinations in Turkey

• Antalya

• Bodrum

• Dalaman

• İzmir

Why Should You Book Your Holiday with Right Holidays?

Right Holidays: We are an accredited travel agency operating since 2005 and our aim is to offer great quality for great prices. Our agents work with the best hotels in Turkey to make sure our customers get the best out of their holidays.  We offer exclusive holiday packages for Turkey and support our customers throughout their stay.

Popular Destinations in Turkey


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